Rates are final and are not negotiable. If given your budget I will give you what can be done for that amount and will work with you as best as I can, but small discounts are ONLY offered on weekday (non-holiday events) for regular parties and additional performers/characters for any party do come at a discounted rate as well ($125 for second for the first hour). The rate for additional time is already discounted as well. Negotiated rates can be made for corporate events lasting 4 or more hours, re-occurring events (such as face painting at a restaurant twice a month), or for certain non-profit military/charity events. We are a small business that has kept the same rates since 2010 despite rising costs. Please understand we cannot work for free or for low rates as we have many overhead costs.

We offer concession services and rentals for popcorn, cotton candy and such and for a quote to have this at an event or to add it on to a booking, to inquire on the party request form or send an email. Renting just the machines start at $75 per machine, plus a delivery fee (pick up option available too) and attendants for the machines start at $35 per hour.

Incentives for referrals and repeat customers can be requested and include one or more of the following: Free temporary tattoos for the children (up to 2 per child), or a special gift given from the character to the birthday child and ability to special request a particular performer (such as if you had a performer at your party and your friend was there and wants that person at their party we will try to accommodate that. But, typically you cannot special request a performer as it can make scheduling difficult). In addition to that, we may throw in a few extra little surprises!

Rates listed below (except character telegrams) are for the first hour. All additional time past the first hour is $25 per 15 minutes per performer with the exception of master level artists.

If you are booking more than one artist/performer then a discount is given on the first hour of the second person booked. $25 off each additional face painter, balloon twister, caricature artist, or simple friend or $50 off the second princess, superhero or mascot booked. For example, 2 princesses would be $300 for 1 hour ($175 for the first and $125 for the second [discounted by $50]) or 1 mascot and 1 dedicated face painter would be $275 for 1 hour ($175 for the mascot + $100 [discounted by $25] for the dedicated face painter). The additional time rate of $25 per extra 15 minutes till applies to the extra performers/artists.

Minimum booking time is typically an hour unless an event is over 60 minutes away from our Bowie, MD location then it is 90 minutes (an hour and a half). Exceptions can be made based on certain circumstances.

MILEAGE FEES MAY APPLY (see the bottom of the page for mileage/toll fee explanation)

Face Painting Only (no costume): $125 – $155

This is for a dedicated, experienced face painter to come and paint faces. Up to 20 children can be done in one hour for quick, small, simple work, but it is recommended you only have 10 – 15 children for them to work on per hour so that the artist can do some nicer work. Even fewer children per hour (under 10) can allow for full face artwork to be done. Each additional 30 minutes is $50. If you want festival type face painting done (very, very quick designs in order to accommodate 30 – 40 children per artist per hour, we can do this if requested, but note, these will be very simple quick designs that only involve a few strokes and one or two colors, such as a star, spider, quick kitty face, bat, heart, etc.). Upgrade to a master level face painter for $30 more per hour ($155 first hour, $130 extra hour, etc.).

Balloon Twisting Only (no costume): $125 – $155

This is for a dedicated, experienced balloon twister to come and make balloons for the children. If quick, simple balloons are made, 45 – 50 can be done in one hour, but this is for simple dogs, simple flowers and swords. For more complicated work, it would be best for 15 – 20 children per hour. Each additional 30 minutes is $50. Upgrade to a master level balloon twister for $30 more per hour ($155 first hour, $130 extra hour, etc.).

Balloon Twisting + Face Painting Only (no costume): $130 – $160

This is for an artist that is good with face painting and balloons. The maximum children that can be done in one hour for both services is 15, but that is for quicker, simple work. It is recommended to schedule the artist for about 8 – 11 children per hour so the artist has time to do some nicer works. Each additional 30 minutes is $50. For an additional $30 per hour, upgrade to an artist that is a master level face painter/balloon twister.

Glitter Tattoos: $175

The supplies for glitter tattoos run much higher, so the fees are higher. Each additional hour is $125 for either of these. Princess packages can be upgraded to glitter tattoos (instead of face painting) for $25 extra per 12 children. 15 – 20 children can be done in one hour.

Caricature Artist: $260 (2 hours)

This is for a professional caricature artist to come and draw funny pictures of the guests for them to take home. Each additional hour is $130. An update soon of how many can be done per hour will be posted soon, but will probably be around 8 – 15 depending on color/complexity. This artist does not wear a costume. Most of our caricature artists have a 2-hour minimum. On occasion, we might be able to make an exception for 1.5 hours ($210) but is on a case by case basis.

Henna Artist: $150

We currently only have one Henna artist, so availability is very limited. The amount of designs that can be done per hour varies on complexity and size of the designs. Each additional 30 minutes is $60.

Clown: $175

Clowns typically face paint/balloon twist. We only have one to two clowns that can offer a show with some magic tricks and/or puppet interactions, but the shows are limited in availability and start at $200 – $225 for the first hour.

Superheroes: $175

Superheroes are $175 for an hour and do mini superhero training which is a couple games, balloon sword fight (if enough time), simple superhero moves, picture posing and birthday singing!
* Each additional superhero can be added on for just $125 more for the hour.

Princesses/Fairies: $175

Princess, fairy and simple friend parties already include face painting and balloon twisting. Can accommodate up to 15 children in an hour. More time is needed for all full face paintings or for additional activities for kids. Face painting and/or balloon twisting are the recommend activities for princesses/faeries to perform. Additional activities that can be included if enough time is allotted/purchased are games, singing-a-longs & dancing, storybook reading, craft time (crafts supplied by parents), or a 15-minute magic show ($25 to upgrade for magic show although this is very limited in availability). Glitter tattoos can be upgraded too for $25 extra per 12 children. If interested in having the live, swimming mermaid, please contact for details and pricing.
* Each additional princess/fairy can be added on for just $125 more for the hour.

Mascot Friends: $175*

(See what we do for this in ‘Performances include’ below)
* One performer is sent for each character. Some characters require a little assistance in getting it zipped up. Mascot performers typically come solo to keep the costs down to the client. For an additional $100, you can add on a fun party leader that will assist the mascot and lead games. When a mascot performer comes solo, they may need help with the costume.
* Each additional character can be added on for just $125 more for the hour.

Mascot/Character Telegrams: $125 – $155

Price depends on location, date and time. Pick any character and we will go to your loved one’s home, school or place of business and surprise them with balloon animals, and read them whatever you want us to! We can try to sing a bit if you would like too, but we might not have the greatest tune! Great for pictures and a fun time all around. Lasts for 10-15 minutes. These are popular and great for adults and kids alike!

Mileage/Toll/Parking Fees:

We are located out of Bowie, MD but will travel up to 75 minutes away for an event (possibly a little more!). Any location 50 minutes or more from Bowie, MD has a $25 distance charge. Any location over 65 minutes will be quoted when the Party Request Form is submitted. Some locations 40 minutes – 50 away have a smaller $5 – $20 gas fee unless a toll road is needed. This is told when a quote is requested along with any necessary toll roads/bridges fees. ALSO, IF PARKING IS NOT FREE AT THE LOCATION, parking fees need to be reimbursed to the performer, or a free option needs to be obtained (such as have a parking pass ready). The mileage fees are per performer, although we do try to do a slightly discounted rate on the mileage fee for additional performers when possible.

Mascot Rentals: $100

Interested in just renting the costume itself? It is $100 per costume for the whole day with pick up and drop-off in Bowie, MD. A great deal if you have someone to wear the costume yourself!
Please read the FAQ section (4th question down) to learn more.

Mascot Performances include:
  • Dancing, singing and game songs with the characters. (Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance, etc..) Game type songs like these are best to do with the mascot characters. If you want actual games played with the mascot please tell us ahead of time and a parent will need to help set up the children for the games (musical chairs, hot potato, etc.) ***
  • High fives and a lot of custom, fun, interactions from mascot (we don’t just stand there!)
  • Posing for pictures (we do NOT take the pictures) and cake cutting (if feasible) along with happy birthday singing.
    Modifications can be made on request!

***Due to issues in the past with CD players being unreliable, we no longer bring a CD player to play music on, so would use whatever music device is at the event. We can email you song files for no extra charge for your event that includes all the mentioned game songs and if we have the theme song for the character requested we can include that too. If you absolutely need us to supply a music device, please let us know ahead of time.

*Want two characters for double the fun?! Each additional character is $125 for the first hour and $100 for each hour after that. Double the fun, not the price!*

Balloon twisting, face painting and/or magic can be added onto any mascot package!
  • For $25 extra (adds on 15 minutes to the initial hour), face painting and/or balloon twisting can be added onto any performance. This will include 45-minute Character performance and 30 minutes of the requested add-on (Performer can only accommodate a certain number of children in allotted time. Keep in mind small cheek art takes 2 – 3 minutes per child or 4 – 6+ minutes for half or full face art and a balloon twist takes about 1 minute per child. If there will be a decent number of children attendees, time can be taken away from mascot performance and/or additional time can be purchased as discussed below. When submitting a form I will discuss with you some options and the prices.)
  • Every additional 15 minutes (balloon twisting/face painting/or any other requested activity) is $25.
  • Upgrade your package for $25 and receive a small magic show (lasts 15 – 20 minutes). This does not add on additional time in itself, but can we worked into any package. If you request this on the contact form, it will be included in your total quote. Please note availability of the magic show is very limited as there are only 2 of us that can do this so far.
  • The cost for each mascot costume to stay for an extra hour is $100 a piece. For anything over an hour in regards to mascot costumes, the people in the suit will require a couple minute break after the first hour to take the headpiece off (in private) and drink some water and cool off some. Those costumes get hot!


*Comedy Magician Show*

Magicians offer a full magic show that is full of comedy and interactive fun. Full magic shows are $275 – $300.

*Santa Claus*

We have limited availability for this. The rate for one hour is $200 and $150 for each additional hour.

*Clown Shows*

We are very limited with availability for this.


[Note: Tips are not included in the prices. If you would like to reward your performer for a great job, feel free to. Tips are appreciated, but not required.]

We are available on weekdays, weekends and even some holidays!

*Disclaimer: We do not offer any copyrighted characters. We only offer generic characters.