Yes, because the quoted amount is based on time spent at the party regardless of what activities are done. This topic really only applies to instances where ‘one at a time’ activities are scheduled, such as face painting and balloon twisting. Once that time has been booked and the slot/character/performer has been reserved for that time frame, it cannot be changed right at the party, as this is not fair to the performer because that amount of time was reserved for that party. However, there is good news. If less children come, then the performer can focus more on each individual child and provided more intricate work. Adjustments to the booked time frame will be made to ensure that you receive your money’s worth!





More about this is listed on the ‘Rates’ page. But, to give a general idea the mascot characters dance to interactive and game type songs with the children, pose for pictures, and participate in the birthday singing. The characters can talk a little if requested, but keep in mind it is hard to hear a voice from instead a mascot costume, so we keep talking to a minimum, but do use it to communicate. We are better at some than others. We do not typically play games with the children in the mascot costumes because it is almost impossible to organize them and usually wastes a lot of time. If you have a party leader there, they can organize actual games. If you have games at your event/party, you can still request that the mascot participates in the games. We can offer game type songs for the children, such as the hokey pokey, Simon says, freeze dance and other similar songs. If you would like to special request that games are played, like hot potato or musical chairs, please note this ahead of time and have an adult at the party on hand to organize the children for the activity. Also keep in mind that some costumes are harder to move in than other, such as Purple Dino and Sponge Guy due to their shape. We do our best in all of the difference costumes. We also give hugs, high fives and other fun interactions with the children during our performance. We can do special requests such as handing out goody bags (provided by you or purchased from us) or do special songs if you wish, but please include that in the comments section when filling out the party request form on the contact us part of the website.

Mascots do come alone. This is a way for us to keep the cost down for the families. We are efficient on our own and might only need a tiny help with putting the costume on and other minor things, but we will let you know if this is the case. We do try to send an extra person to party lead and assist when possible. We cannot guarantee an extra person will come to assist, but we are working to make this happen for every mascot party we do. You can add on a party leader for an extra fee. Please note almost all parties are usually done by my staff as I cannot be personally at all the parties myself. I work more of the vendor shows/festivals/markets so that I have a better chance of possibly being able to answer the phone to assist with any situations that may arise.

At one time we did bring CD players to events; however, they would break after a few uses, get left behind, or were not loud enough. In an effort to keep our prices the same since we started in 2010, despite an increase in rising expenses, we have stopped providing music devices. We CAN, on request, email song files to you for your event. Just make sure to request this via email to amanda@bubblesproductions.net. If you do not have a way to play songs that are sent as music files, you may request that a music CD is brought to the event instead. If music is very important for your event, we highly recommend getting a DJ, which is usually a great addition to any party since music is their specialty.






Every now and then miscommunication/misunderstanding can occur on either the client, performer’s or my part. It is important to communicate to the performer and/or me as soon as possible if you feel something is missing (i.e. you wanted balloon twisting, but the performer is doing games instead). It might just be a simple misunderstanding and can be rectified with a little communication, so please give us the chance to make things right while we are there if we can! In the unlikely event things are not going as what you had envisioned, we strongly recommend addressing any situations as they happen so that we have may have the ability to make it right. Although we do want feedback from events for sure, if it is a pressing matter, we cannot do anything about it after the event if we are not told about it when it happens. We want more than anything for everything to span out as you have intended if it is possible, so please help us in doing so! Payments are non-refundable.

Because the performer does not need change out of the costume (some exceptions for costumes with attached gloves, such as Spider Hero, Iron Hero), the character can stay in costume for face painting and balloon twisting. A basic non-mascot performance automatically comes with face painting (based on availability), balloon twisting (based on availability), picture posing and birthday singing unless requested otherwise. In one hour up to 15 children (but less is better as 15 might feel a little rushed) may be accommodated for the aforementioned activities, however, it will be small, simple cheek art (flower, hearts, spiders, snakes, etc.) unless there are few children. If half face or full faces are requested, more time needs to be allotted. If you would like different or more activities, some other choices are storybook reading, games, dancing and sing-a-longs, overseeing of a craft (provided by parent). Most non-mascot costumes we try to arrive in, unless we are coming directly from another event. Spider Hero, because of the nature of the one piece suit, will need to change into the costume at the party.


In some cases yes, and in some no. It really depends on if the performer has another party directly after or their personal plans. You may let us know ahead of time that there might be more children and we will try to let you know a day or two prior is purchasing additional time at the event is possible. Check our rates page for current rates. We always try our best to accommodate extra time if we can! We want all the children to have a great experience!

Yes; however, parties booking for a full hour are given priority over costume rentals as the rental will put that costume out of commission for the whole day for us. Costumes are to be picked up in Bowie, MD the night before the party or morning of it and are to be returned the night of the event or day after (if feasible or told otherwise). Costumes must be well taken care of and renters are responsible for any damages made during their usage. Costumes are not to be left in hot cars, or left inside of a bag right after use. The costume should be aired out to dry before placing back into the bag. Costumes can not be used in damp grass or mud or allowed to get dirty, please! Airing out after use makes it a lot easier for us to steam clean. The fee per suit is $100 and an additional suit can be rented for $80. Availability is limited. A playlist CD may be purchased for $5 as well (some characters do not have theme music though), but that is your gift to keep. Please keep in mind these costumes are very hot and do not fit everyone, so please send me the dimensions of the person in the request so I can make sure the suit will fit. If you are an event planner or another company and rent at least 4 costumes per year or more, you will be given a discounted rate of $75 per costume.


Deposits are not required currently but can be paid if you would like. Please note, once a confirmation is sent to you to book an event and you accept the confirmation details, we have you down in the schedule. Please do not book if you think you are going to cancel. It is not fair to us, as we would not cancel on you! We understand circumstances happen where you might need to reschedule and cancel for whatever reason, but please only do so when absolutely necessary.

Payment is due at the event in cash, Cash App, or Venmo. We will also accept money orders, certified checks, but NO personal checks. Businesses and organizations can pay with a business check.

For an additional 5% cost, to cover the fees, we can process credit card payments via Intuit Quickbooks or via a PayPal invoice.

Please make sure to have the money ready by the end of the booked time. Sometimes we have other events we need to get to and will need to leave right on time. Please keep in mind performers do not have change on hand.

The sooner the better, especially if you want a specialty performance, like juggling, caricatures or some of the superheroes. Singing Telegrams are more spontaneous in nature so booking those last minute is perfectly normal. For party events, generally at least 2 weeks prior is good; however, we will do everything in our power to accommodate any last minute requests, even ones the day of the party (if possible). There have been times we have been able to pull it off. Not all the time, but we always try! A lot of people tend to apologize for booking last minute. Please do not do this! We are happy to hear from you and will do what we can to fit you in. We might not be able to offer you exactly what you originally requested, but we will give you what we can do and will go from there.


Tipping an entertainer is customary as we are providing a service, but is not required (because we do not add it into the price). So, if you tip is at your own discretion and should only be done if you are happy with everything. We understand the economy is tough, so if you cannot tip, but did like us, or can only give a small amount, we will not be upset! Just let us know how we did and if you were pleased. Our main goal is making the children smile and have a good time as we are children’s entertainers.


All the performer will need is a small table with two chairs (or a picnic bench), a couple napkins or paper towels and two cups of water for the brushes. The performer will bring the paint and the brushes. We only use professional grade face paints, which includes the following brands: Snazaroo, Wolfe Brothers, and Paradise. All are FDA approved and hypo-allergenic. We believe in high quality! Face painting takes about 2 – 3 minutes per child for small, simple cheek art and 4 – 6+ minutes for full faces depending on the request. Please note this when scheduling in face painting. I will automatically use the time needed for the ‘simple’ cheek art when quoting packages that involve a mascot character with a face painting add on. Please let us know ahead of time if you are looking for more intricate and larger designs.


Right now we do concession rentals with or without attendants. We have cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones. We also have bubble machines that can be rented as well. Concession machines are $85 each with supplies for up to 40 servings (except no ice is included for Snow Cones) with pick up and drop off in Bowie, MD. Right now we work with other companies for bounce rentals.


Majority of the time we are and can be early as well. Sometimes unexpected traffic happens (accidents), that we cannot foresee or have any control over, and we might run late, but the performer will be in contact to alert you on the situation if this does happen. We try to leave well before the estimated travel time to ensure we will either be on time or early, but occasionally things happen that we cannot predict. In the event that the performer is late for whatever reason, he/she will stay the time needed to make up for this if possible. If this is not possible because the party is ending at a certain time, or for any other reason, then an appropriate discount will be worked out at this time.

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