What do the mascot characters do? Do they come alone? Do they bring the music?

Category: General FAQ

More about this is listed on the ‘Rates’ page. But, to give a general idea the mascot characters dance to interactive and game type songs with the children, pose for pictures, and participate in the birthday singing. The characters can talk a little if requested, but keep in mind it is hard to hear a voice from instead a mascot costume, so we keep talking to a minimum, but do use it to communicate. We are better at some than others. We do not typically play games with the children in the mascot costumes because it is almost impossible to organize them and usually wastes a lot of time. If you have a second character that is a non-mascot character there, they can organize actual games. If you have games at your event/party, you can still request that the mascot participates in the games. We can offer game type songs for the children, such as the hokey pokey, Simon says, freeze dance and other similar songs. If you would like to special request that games are played, like hot potato or musical chairs, please note this ahead of time and have an adult at the party on hand to organize the children for the activity. Also keep in mind that some costumes are harder to move in than other, such as Purple Dino and Sponge Guy due to their shape. We do our best in all of the difference costumes. We also give hugs, high fives and other fun interactions with the children during our performance. We can do special requests such as handing out goody bags (provided by you or purchased from us) or do special songs if you wish, but please include that in the comments section when filling out the party request form on the contact us part of the website. Mascots do come alone. This is a way for us to keep the cost down for the families. We are efficient on our own and might only need a tiny help with putting the costume on and other minor things, but we will let you know if this is the case. We do try to send an extra person to party lead and assist when possible. We cannot guarantee an extra person will come to assist, but we are working to make this happen for every mascot party we do. You can add on a party leader for an extra fee. Please note almost all parties are usually done by my staff as I cannot be personally at all the parties myself. I work more of the vendor shows/festivals/markets so that I have a better chance of possibly being able to answer the phone to assist with any situations that may arise. At one time we did bring CD players to events; however, they would break after a few uses, get left behind, or were not loud enough. In an effort to keep our prices the same since we started in 2010, despite an increase in rising expenses, we have stopped providing music devices. We CAN, on request, email song files to you for your event. Just make sure to request this via email to amanda@bubblesproductions.net. If you do not have a way to play songs that are sent as music files, you may request that a music CD is brought to the event instead. If music is very important for your event, we highly recommend getting a DJ, which is usually a great addition to any party since music is their specialty.