What do princess, superheroes, simple friends, and faeries do (non-mascots)?

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Because the performer does not need change out of the costume (some exceptions for costumes with attached gloves, such as Spider Hero, Iron Hero), the character can stay in costume for face painting and balloon twisting. A basic non-mascot performance automatically comes with face painting, balloon twisting, picture posing and birthday singing unless requested otherwise. In one hour up to 15 children (but less is better as 15 might feel a little rushed) may be accommodated for the aforementioned activities, however, it will be small, simple cheek art (flower, hearts, spiders, snakes, etc.) unless there are few children. If half face or full faces are requested, more time needs to be allotted. If you would like different or more activities, some other choices are storybook reading, games, dancing and sing-a-longs, overseeing of a craft (provided by parent), or for an upgrade price of $20 a 15 minute magic show may be built into the allotted time (limited availability). Most non-mascot costumes we try to arrive in, unless we are coming directly from another event. Spider Hero, because of the nature of the one piece suit, will need to change into the costume at the party.

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