Is a deposit required? What forms of payment are accepted? When is the payment made?

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Deposits are not required currently but can be paid if you would like. Please note, once a confirmation is sent to you to book an event and you accept the confirmation details, we have you down in the schedule. Please do not book if you think you are going to cancel. It is not fair to us, as we would not cancel on you! We understand circumstances happen where you might need to reschedule and cancel for whatever reason, but please only do so when absolutely necessary.

Payment is due at the event in cash, Cash App, or Venmo. We will also accept money orders, certified checks, but NO personal checks. Businesses and organizations can pay with a business check.

For an additional 5% cost, to cover the fees, we can process credit card payments via Intuit Quickbooks or via a PayPal invoice.

Please make sure to have the money ready by the end of the booked time. Sometimes we have other events we need to get to and will need to leave right on time. Please keep in mind performers do not have change on hand.

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