I don’t feel everything is going as I intended at the party. What do I do?

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Every now and then miscommunication/misunderstanding can occur on either the client, performer’s or my part. It is important to communicate to the performer and/or me as soon as possible if you feel something is missing (i.e. you wanted balloon twisting, but the performer is doing games instead). It might just be a simple misunderstanding and can be rectified with a little communication, so please give us the chance to make things right while we are there if we can! In the unlikely event things are not going as what you had envisioned, we strongly recommend addressing any situations as they happen so that we have may have the ability to make it right. Although we do want feedback from events for sure, if it is a pressing matter, we cannot do anything about it after the event if we are not told about it when it happens. We want more than anything for everything to span out as you have intended if it is possible, so please help us in doing so! Payments are non-refundable.

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