I am having balloon twisting at my party. Do I need anything special for this? Do they pop a lot?

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Not at all. Just a little space for the person to twist the balloons. Balloons take about 1 minute per child as we keep to one balloon sculptures to keep it quick and efficient. It is good to leave several extra minutes as well to allow for children to make up their mind. If you book just a balloon twister you will receive one of our more talented balloon artists that can make more complicated designs for the balloon art (but will take much longer per sculpture). We only use Qualatex brand twist balloons, which are the highest quality in these type of specialty balloons. Sometimes they do pop, but it is not often at all. It is best for the children to keep the balloons off the the grass as sometimes the grass can act like a knife and pop the balloons. Please do not let the young children teeth on the balloons either.

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