Can I rent just the mascot costume itself?

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Yes; however, parties booking for a full hour are given priority over costume rentals as the rental will put that costume out of commission for the whole day for us. Costumes are to be picked up in Bowie, MD the night before the party or morning of it and are to be returned the night of the event or day after (if feasible or told otherwise). Costumes must be well taken care of and renters are responsible for any damages made during their usage. Costumes are not to be left in hot cars, or left inside of a bag right after use. The costume should be aired out to dry before placing back into the bag. Costumes can not be used in damp grass or mud or allowed to get dirty, please! Airing out after use makes it a lot easier for us to steam clean. The fee per suit is $100 and an additional suit can be rented for $80. Availability is limited. A playlist CD may be purchased for $5 as well (some characters do not have theme music though), but that is your gift to keep. Please keep in mind these costumes are very hot and do not fit everyone, so please send me the dimensions of the person in the request so I can make sure the suit will fit. If you are an event planner or another company and rent at least 4 costumes per year or more, you will be given a discounted rate of $75 per costume.

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